Want to live longer? Then look at the bright side of life

  • The secret to long life is by staying positive
  • This was revealed by several studies that state people with optimistic attitudes has fewer illnesses and recover faster from ailments
  • Pessimism, on the other hand, weakens the immune system

Want to live a longer life? Then stay positive.

In a recent TV documentary, which looked at a group of healthy, active men and women aged over 90, it figured out that their main secret to long life can be attributed to staying positive despite any circumstance, an article written by Mirriam Stoppard published by Mirror stated.

Based on several studies, people with optimistic attitude has fewer illnesses and recover faster from any ailments.

From this, the logic is that positivism gives good effects to people — specifically longer life.

While resilience and optimism are crucial to long life, so are fulfillment and happiness.

Optimists are more likely to feel they can take charge of their health and not just passively slide into old age, the article mentioned.

Furthermore, it stated that optimists tend to take better care of ­themselves by getting a good sleep, not drinking or smoking as much, and by exercising ­regularly. People who do these are at less risk of being depressed and believed to live longer as they age more gently.

On the other hand, pessimism weakens the immune system.

Based on studies, pessimists have high levels of the T-suppressor cell, which can interfere with immunity.

As such, people with the most negative and hopeless attitudes are at a greater risk of developing heart disease.

A study in the UK conducted by Professor Ian Stuart-Hamilton, an expert in gerontology (the scientific study of ageing) which involved 10,000 people aged between 15 and 90, noted that by the age of 70, contentment reaches its peak.

People up to the age of 90, on the other hand, still register a higher score of overall ­satisfaction with life compared to those half their age.

The study further disclosed that traveling, time for sightseeing, taking cycling holidays, spending weeks on a tennis or golfing holiday, were identified as positive activities undertaken by people who aged gracefully.

In addition, the study revealed that people who have lived a bit appreciate what life has to offer. So start reviewing how you live your life now and work on it to live longer — and of course, happier!