War on drugs: President Duterte wants drug test mandatory on college admissions

  • Duterte administration wants to make drug testing mandatory for college admissions
  • Those who fail the drug test will be sent for rehabilitation before being admitted to college
  • CHED is looking to implement the ruling in 2017

To step up Duterte administration’s war on drugs, incoming college freshmen will have to undergo mandatory drug testing before entering college as a latest measure to make campuses drug-free.

“This was born out of the president’s call to make campuses drug-free, because we see the pervasive effects of drug use,” Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Executive Director Julito Vitriolo said. “What’s important is for students not to use drugs. It will be a deterrent if they want to continue their studies.”

He added that those who test positive for illegal drug use will be sent to a rehabilitation centre before they secure a seat in college.

Up until now, the drug testing has been done on campuses only on a voluntary basis during admissions, as per an article published by ABS-CBN News.

“In our experience, there are already schools implementing it. Even in the government and private sector, drug testing is also a requirement during pre-employment. They will not hire you if you’re positive. So I think the prospects for the admission is also good,” Vitriolo explained.

CHED wants to take these steps to prevent a “widespread” drug problem in schools, which Vitriolo said are high-risk areas because they can be easily infiltrated, as per an article published by Rappler.

“Impressionable ang mga youth and considering na ang dami ng mga drugs na nagkalat, daming pushers, vulnerable sector siya,” Vitriolo said.

[The youth are impressionable, and considering a lot of drugs have become widespread, and the number of drug pushers, this is a vulnerable sector]

Once the policy is created, CHED will seek legal opinion from the Department of Justice and implement the ruling in 2017.