WATCH: The most action-filled Cosplay Wedding ever

  • Instead of being simply romantic, a foreign wedding turned action-filled as some of their guests did cosplay (and roleplaying) during the ceremony
  • Male guests dressed like Ironman, while some did crazy stunts, and even the bridesmaids took turns in ‘acting’
  • The video of the wedding is now trending on social media, and has close to a million views

Many couples strive to have the most solemn and romantic wedding possible to highlight their official union.

But there’s a couple who’s now trending on social media because they took another route, and opted for a wedding that’s more fun and — well, yes, memorable.

In a video uploaded by Cosplay Sky, a wedding ceremony gets ‘delayed’ after the priest announces “if anyone knows of any reason why this couple should not be joined in the Holy Matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Image capture of video by Cosplay Sky via Facebook Account

Why? Because all of a sudden, a ‘knight in shining armor’ shouts “I object” as he enters the room and challenges the groom to a sword fight!

Who won the duel? Guess who!

Image captured from Cosplay Sky via Facebook Account
Image capture of video by Cosplay Sky via Facebook Account

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