Watch: Trillanes and Cayetano clash, De Lima tries to referee during Senate hearing

  • Senators clashed on the allotment of time during Senate hearing on alleged EJKs
  • Trillanes called out Cayetano for going beyond allotted time, called him “madaldal”
  • Cayetano shot back, said he wants to know if alleged DDS member was lying or not

MANILA, Philippines – With Senate hearings like this, who needs professional wrestling?

All hell (almost) broke loose during the resumption of the Senate hearings on the spate of killings connected with the ongoing campaign against drugs after Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan Peter Cayetano clashed on the latter’s length of time questioning alleged Davao Death Squad (DDS) member Edgar Matobato.

The fracas started after Trillanes called out Cayetano for going beyond an hour grilling Matobato for any political motive in his expose against President Rodrigo Duterte.

The exchange of words between the two who were seated beside each other prompted Senate human rights chair Sen. Leila de Lima to call for a two-minute break and mediate between the two.

During the break, Trillanes can be heard telling Cayetano “Hindi kita papopormahin”. In response, Cayetano shot back and said he is a senator who has a right to know the truth.

The break didn’t defuse the tension however, as Cayetano accused Trillanes of trying to intimidate him after the hearing resumed.

“I don’t want to be intimidated because my seatmate here is intimidating me. He told me here hindi kita papopormahin. He said mabubuo ba ang pangarap mo, you are defending evil. I’m trying to get to the bottom of this tapos tatabihan n’yo ako at ita-trash talk ako ng isang senador. I never did that to any of my colleagues,”  he said.

Cayetano also defended himself after De Lima told him he was taking up too much time questioning Matobato.

“We have all the time in the world. Ano ba ang importante, lumabas ang totoo [which is important, truth to be revealed] or is this just a demolition job?” he told her.

The tension finally receded after Cayetano transferred to another seat, with Trillanes throwing a parting shot at his colleague.

“Masyadong mahaba, pasikot sikot. It is quite annoying and irritating already. Sana he gets to the point,”the senator said.