What Charo Santos-Concio told Kris Aquino when she decided to leave ABS-CBN

  • Charo Santos-Concio sent Kris Aquino a text message when she learned that she has decided to leave ABS-CBN
  • She wished Kris all the best and thanked her for all the years that she has worked for ABS-CBN
  • “Kris is welcome back anytime.” – Charo Santos-Concio

ABS-CBN Chief Content Officer (COO) Charo Santos-Concio said that she respects the decision of Kris Aquino to leave the Kapamilya Network.

In an interview with Ricky Lo’s Funfare column for Philippine Star, Charo revealed that when she learned about Kris’ decision, she sent the latter a text message and wished her well.

She said: “I texted her. I wish her all the best and thanked her for all the years that she has worked for ABS-CBN and I acknowledged that she has given so much relief and happiness, and delighted our viewers.”

She added that she has no ill feelings towards anyone who decides to leave ABS-CBN because wherever they’re happy is what’s important.

When she’s asked if she’s willing to take back Kris in case she decides to return to ABS-CBN, Charo answered: “Of course, the doors of ABS-CBN are always open to people who want to work with us again. But you wait for the stars to align for it to happen. It’s not the decision of just one person. And, yes, Kris is welcome back anytime.”

It was over two weeks ago when Kris confirmed that she is indeed leaving ABS-CBN and she revealed that she’d start taping for her new show on September 22.

In a series of posts on her Instagram page, the “Queen of All Media” expressed her feelings over the matter.

In her first post, she said that ABS-CBN saw her through her worst and her best. She said she had an agreement with the management that they will talk about the renewal of her contract after she comes back from her vacation abroad but there was no definite show and no assured time frame of her return on air.

“I perfectly understood – as much as I wanted to believe I was a pillar of the network, everybody is dispensable. And I say that with no bitterness- just HONESTY. So to all of you saying please don’t leave- it wasn’t a choice that was just mine to make,” she added.

In her second post, Kris revealed that she is currently with APT Entertainment, Inc., which is a partner of GMA Network.

In her third post, she thanked ABS-CBN, her new APT family and everyone who continues to support her.

“This is the 1st & last I shall say about this chapter of my life. You deserved the true story & I gave you my truth, so that we may all move forward… So here’s a shoutout of THANK YOU to the Kapamilya Network ABS-CBN for all that was, and here’s a shoutout of THANK YOU to my new APT family for all that will be. And most of all my THANK YOU,” she wrote.