Woman buys iPhone 7 online, gets iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 plus a “fusion card”

  • A woman in China ordered a new iPhone 7 from an online store
  • When the package arrived, however, she got an iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4
  • To top it all, the package came with a Yu-Gi-Oh fusion card, suggesting she needs to fuse the two units together to get what she initially wanted

Because iPhone 7 units quickly run out of stock in China due to its large demand, Apple die-hards often turn to online stores to make sure they got one.

However, a woman got the shock of her life when she ordered online a unit of the iPhone’s recently launched model but ended up getting two, instead. But to her dismay, it’s not what she expected it to be.

A netizen named Canele Mimi shared on her Weibo account that she ordered an iPhone 7 from an online store. When the package arrived, she was surprised to see two units inside – an iPhone 3 and iPhone 4.

And there’s more. A Yu-Gi-Oh fusion card came with the two iPhones, which seems to suggest something.

It was not clear whether the scheming seller meant it to be a joke, but it was a nevertheless clever idea coming, perhaps, from a mathematician.

The “Fusion Monster” Yu-Gi-Oh card – representing a combination of two or more monsters – suggested that the buyer need to fuse together the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 in order to get an iPhone 7.

Regardless whether it was a cruel prank or a monkey business, Mimi’s post showing what she got from her order went viral online, amusing Chinese social media users.

“If you buy two iPhone 7s, you can use a Fusion Monster to turn it into the futuristic iPhone 14,” Shanghaiist quoted one commenter as saying.

Another added in jest: “Can you lend us the Fusion Monster card for us to use? In return I’ll buy you an iPhone 7.”

Mimi did not mention whether she plans to return the item or run after the seller which is very unlikely, considering the complexities of online purchases.

Nevertheless, she may just have to resign herself to the fact that she has two iPhones, instead of just one.


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  1. Betcha this same retailer would sell you Preparation A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, and then tell you to mix them all together to get Preparation H. 🙂

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