Woman thought husband was cheating after she finds a message ‘from a Primark worker’ written on his underpants

  • Woman found a message written in his husband’s underpants and initially accused him of cheating
  • Abbie Bowman searched about the message online and found that it is an address in Bangladesh
  • Bowman started to believe that the message is ‘from a Primark worker’ and worry that the person might be in need of help

A woman accused her husband of having an affair with another woman after she found a message written on his underpants.

In an article written by Tom Donnelly of Mirror, it said that Abbie Bowman noticed a memo scribbled in gold handwriting, inside a pair of freshly washed black underpants, which she recently bought from Primark for her husband Paul, 25.

“I bought them at the start of August for my partner and after I had washed them and hung them on the washing line I noticed this address that was written inside the pants on the thigh in gold permanent marker. It just had this message inside,” she shared.

At first, whe thought it was a secret code written by a mistress. Abbie spent hours trying to unravel the meaning of the message, which reads “ALEMAITE” along with a series of numbers.

However, after searching the internet, she started to believe that the digits in the note are linked to an address in Bangladesh.

“For about a day I was trying to figure out what it all meant. There was a number at the bottom some I Googled it and it brought up an address in Bangladesh. I thought it might have something to do with where they made the pants. [But] I spent what felt like all day and all night Googling it and found out other people had reported messages inside clothes they had bought from Primark,” Abbie stated.

She then emailed Primark to clarify things.

“Last week I came in to your Doncaster branch and purchased a set of three black authentic apparel boxer shorts. Upon washing them I noticed it’s an address written in some brown/gold pen. After smacking him [Paul] in the mouth as I thought he might have been having an affair and it was some other woman’s address. Turns out when I Googled it its an address in Bangladesh. Is this one of those cries for help from those little stitchers you’ve got slapping wanders together for five pence a pop or is it something else?” she said.

After nearly a week later, she received a reply from Primark that read: “Dear Ms Bowman. I am in receipt of your email with thanks. I was extremely sorry to learn of your experience with underwear purchased at our store and I would like to sincerely apologise for the upset and inconvenience caused to you both on this occasion and I hope you are ok. In order for me to fully investigate your comments can you please submit a picture of the underwear along with your postal address in order for me to send you a stamped addressed envelope for you to return the underwear to me.”

Abbie said she replied to Primark with a similarly tongue-in-cheek email asking for more information on what the message might mean.

“May I ask would you like me to wash them first as you don’t want any nasty surprises? (Like we had). Thank you for asking how we are I’m fine (I have a lot of making up to do). My hand feels okay but my not so better half has a nasty black eye and swollen lip (I’m now having to make up for the fact the address in the boxers was not his fault).  Also do you want a picture of my other half modeling the boxers or just the boxers?”” she wrote.

She, however, never got a response.

Abbie said she is concerned about the person who write about the letter, worrying that he/she might need help.

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