After suffering from stroke, comedian Boobay is getting better now, says partner

  • Comedian Boobay is now getting better, his partner Kent Juan Resquir said
  • Resquir shared that Boobay is now conscious and his vital signs stable
  • The comedian, on the other hand, has trouble in speaking clearly

After suffering from stroke, comedian Boobay is now getting better, his partner said.

In an article that was posted on GMA News Online, it was disclosed that Boobay’s partner Kent Juan Resquir said the comedian is currently getting better while inside the intensive care unit.

“Boobay’s condition is getting better. He is conscious and vital signs are stable. Strength of both upper and lower extremities is not impaired. Comprehension is preserved but has trouble speaking fluently. Still in Acute Stroke Care for further observation,” Resquir stated.

Boobay, who is Norman Balbuena in real life, is a Filipino actor, comedian and television host. He is best known for appearing in several GMA News and Public Affairs shows as a co-host. He was also a regular host in the award-winning comedy-game show Celebrity Bluff; along with Jose Manalo, Brod Pete, and Eugene Domingo.

“We just hope his condition is not getting worst as he is still under observation. Thank you so much for all your prayers,” added Resquir.

Boobay was rushed to the hospital and it was later found out that he had mild stroke.

Fans expressed concern over Boobay’s health; and, at the same time, expressed hopes that he will soon recover from his  health problem.

Watch one of Boobay’s funniest moments at Celebrity Bluff: