Amazing! UP Pep Squad shows off victory via mannequin challenge

  • The UP Pep Squad took on the mannequin challenge
  • They used it to show off their medals from the international competition where they won
  • The UP Pep Squad won their first gold medal in an international tilt from the recently concluded competition

The University of the Philippines (UP) Pep Squad has again taken another challenge and won it.

To celebrate their recent victory at the second Asian Cheerleading and Dance sport Championship, the UP Pep Squad did a mannequin challenge to show off the awards they received from the recently concluded competition.

The two dance groups carried their trophies and even did lifts while on a conveyor belt.

The video, captioned “5 days later … still … we are … still”, was posted on Monday evening, November 28.

In just a few hours, the video got as much as 287,000 views with 15,000 reactions.

Among the most celebrated dance group int he country, the UP Pep Squad won a total of six awards during the competition, including their first ever gold medal in the international tilt.

Their other awards were silver medals for categories: All-Female Team Cheer, Cheerdance Group and Cheerdance Duo. They also won bronze for All-Female Group Stunts and Mixed Team Cheer categories.

Here’s a video of their mannequin performance:

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