Baron hits back at FDCP chair Liza Diño-Seguerra, calls her ‘plastic’

  • Baron Geisler has responded to Liza Diño-Seguerra’s rant over the ‘peeing’ incident
  • She called the FDCP chair ‘an epitome of non judgment‘ and a ‘plastic’
  • Diño shot back by calling him a ‘disgrace to the industry’

MANILA, Philippines – It seems that the much-publicized row between actors Baron Geisler and Ping Medina isn’t over yet after Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) chairperson Liza Diño-Seguerra weighs herself in to the latest controversy.

Earlier, Diño expressed her disgust for Geisler after the ‘peeing’ episode that sparked the misunderstanding between the scandal-prone young actor and co-actor Medina. The FDCP chair called Geisler ‘worse than an animal’ for his supposed ‘lack of respect for the art’ and for insulting the integrity of the profession that feeds him.

In the comment section of her Facebook post, Diño urged Medina to file a complaint against Baron through FDCP where they’re putting together a grievance committee to handle similar cases.

But Geisler called out Diño for supposedly prejudging him and vowed to fight to see who’s really telling the truth.

“May bts. Check it out. Pag mali ako aaminin ko. Pero sa stunt na ginawa nyo. Hay so low. Lalaban ako. Let’s see who’s telling the truth!” he commented on Diño’s post.

[There was bts. If I was wrong, I’ll admit it. But the stunt you did, that was so low. I will fight. Let’s see who’s telling the truth.]

No justification

But Diño insisted that Geisler did it without Medina’s consent, which no ‘professional actor’ will ever do and that there’s no justification for such kind of action.

“Look where it brought you? Wala kang respeto sa sarili mo at sa trabaho mo [You have no respect for yourself and for your work]. I have a responsibility to this industry. And it is to make sure that we can all work safely together ng may respeto sa bawat isa [with respect for each other],” she wrote in reply.

But Geisler refused to back down and called the FDCP chair ‘plastic’.

“Te isa ka sa epitome of non judgement. Bakit narinig mo lang may desisyon agad? Naroon ka ba? Plastic,” he said.

[You are the epitome of non judgment. How come you just heard it, there’s already a decision? Where you there? Plastic.]

“Stop fooling yourself”

Diño shot back by urging Geisler to stop all the nonsense since no person in his right mind would ever do such a low thing on a fellow person.

“Stop fooling yourself and finding excuses. Sa mundo mo lang ikaw ang BIDA, Baron. Sa realidad, kailangan ang respeto at pakikisama para bigyan ka ng respeto,” she quipped.

[Stop fooling yourself and finding excuses. Only in your world you’re the lead actor, Baron. But in reality, respect is needed to get respect.]

But Geisler asked Diño and other bashers: “What’s with the rage and hate? Listen to yourselves. You’re comments. Pitch fork at mob ang kulang. Kayo na po ang perpekto! [Only pitch fork and mob is lacking. You alone are perfect.]”

To this Diño said the actor only got what he deserves and calls him a disgrace to the industry; hoping he will be blacklisted.