Bato clarifies rainy day remark for anti-Marcos rallyists: Just joking

  • Bato dela Rosa apologized to protesters for saying he hoped it would rain during their rally
  • He said it was just a joke, said he just wanted a trouble-free incident
  • He also said he won’t stop people from carrying on with the protest if they insist

MANILA, Philippines – PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa apologized to anti-Marcos protesters for hoping it would rain on their scheduled rally on November 30; saying he was just joking about his and their predicament.

“Ako, nagbibiro lang ako doon, pero may laman ‘yung biro ko,” he told ABS-CBN. “Pasensya na kung na-offend sila.”

[I was only joking there, but there was some meaning in my joke. I apologize if they were offended.]

Elaborating, Dela Rosa said he just wanted to make sure November 30 would be trouble-free — hence his wish for rain.

“To be frank about it, to be candid about it, ikaw ang Chief PNP, pag may malakihang rally, nagkagulo ‘yan, maraming masaktan, hindi ba kargo de konsensesiya mo ‘yan?” he asked. “So para walang mangyayaring ganun, mas maganda nang may ulan para walang protesta, para walang gulo. Ako naman ay gusto ko kayong walang gulo. ‘Yun lang ang sa akin.”

[To be frank about it, to be candid about it, you’re the Chief PNP, when there is a big rally and trouble erupts and many are hurt, wouldn’t that fall on your conscience? It would be better to rain and cancel the protest; there would be no trouble. All I want is that there would be no trouble.]

At the same time, Dela Rosa said he would not stop protesters from going to the People Power Monument in Quezon City if they want to push through with their rally.

Groups protesting Marcos’s burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani are scheduled to hold their rally on Wednesday.