[Heartbreaking Video] Man hysterically cries, grieves over death of his well-loved cat

  • Heartbreaking video of man crying, grieving hysterically over the death of his cat has gone viral
  • Video of a man mourning over the death of his pet cat garners 3.2M+ on Facebook
  • Netizens showed sympathy to the man on the video

How do you treat animals? Do you kick, slap, strike, and throw them? Or do you love, nurture, and consider them as a member of your family?

A heartbreaking video of an unnamed man crying and mourning over the death of his pet cat is circulating online.

On the video shared by Ozilzain  on FB, the man lay, stood, hopped, and went wild while hugging, kissing and carrying the dead cat; crying loudly as if a very important person in the family died.

The cat is assumed by netizens to be his pet and the man, purportedly from Indonesia as per a Jakarta Coconuts story, is apparently grieving hysterically over its death.

As shared by Tuan Meong, a cat lovers’ blogger, the man in the clip was speaking Maduranese, a regional dialect which originates from Madura Island in Indonesia, and was begging God that he be taken away from this world also so he could join his cat in the afterlife.

Netizens felt pity, expressed sympathy and gave condolences to the man on the video, and some said they can relate to what the man is going through.

The video has gone viral and as of posting, it has already garnered more than 3.2 million views on Facebook.

Animals, according to Care for Animals NC, are wonderful part of our lives as they bring us joy, make us laugh, and give us unconditional love.

The website added, animals can bring us sorrow when they leave us because of the cherished memories of true friendships.

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Many animals, however, are suffering from cruelty or are neglected on the streets, starving to death. Other people just don’t care about them.

Care for Animals NC wants people to work together in ending the suffering and promote kindness, compassion, and responsibility towards animals.

Show your love for the animals!

Watch the viral video below: