Liza Diño-Seguerra calls Baron ‘worse than animals’ after ‘peeing’ incident

  • FDCP chairperson Liza Diño-Seguerra slams Baron Geisler for ‘urinating’ on a fellow actor
  • Diño calls Geisler ‘worse than an animal’ over the latest controversy
  • She also said legal action should be taken against the scandal-prone young actor

MANILA, Philippines –Actress Liza Diño-Seguerra expressed her disgust for young actor Baron Geisler who is currently embroiled in another controversy with another actor Ping Medina over an alleged ‘peeing incident’ during a set for an indie film which is being directed by Arlyn Dela Cruz.

Ping Medina has accused Geisler of urinating on him while shooting for Dela Cruz’s film “Bubog” in Subic last week. Medina said the scene was not part of the story; but Geisler, who was apparently intoxicated, surprised everyone on the set, including him, by injecting the scene.

Medina said he and Geisler nearly came to blows but the latter chose not to fight despite challenging him to a fight.

In her Facebook post, Diño said Geisler has crossed the line by peeing on a co-actor without the latter’s consent.

“You have gone way too far. Masyado ka ng maraming inagrabyado (You have wronged many people). At ang lakas ng loob mo because you always get away with it (And you got the nerve because you always get away with it),” she wrote on her Facebook.

“We may not have guilds here who can really protect the welfare of our film workers but I will make sure this will never happen again to any actor. Legal action should be taken against YOU,” said Diño, who currently heads the Film Development Council of the Philippines since her appointment as chairperson in August by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Diño also called out Geisler for his alleged ‘lack of respect for the art’ and called him ‘worse than an animal’.

“Wala kang puwang sa industriyang ito! Tama si Ping (Medina), masahol ka pa sa hayop,” said Diño who vowed to make sure that the FDCP sees the latest controversy involving Geisler through.

[You have no place in this industry. Ping was right, you are worse than an animal.]

“Binababoy mo ang integridad ng propesyong nagbibigay ng kabuhayan sa’yo,” she added.

[You are insulting the integrity of the profession that feeds you.]

In his own post, Medina asked his fellow actors whether Baron is the kind of person they would want to work with.

“Binigyan natin ng benefit of the doubt. Binigyan natin ng second, third, fourth, fifth… 1 millionth chance,” he said, adding Baron can never be considered an ‘actor’ because of his lack of respect for the industry and for the people he works with.

Meanwhile, in his own response to the controversy, Geisler scored both Medina and Director Arlyn Dela Cruz, saying the incident was no more than a mere misunderstanding.

“I was slapped many times. So I thought… ahhh… so it’s ok pala to surprise my co-actors sa set. So low po of you to discredit my name. You are better than that po,” he wrote on his Facebook account.