Meet PBB housemate Tanner Mata and his twin Tyler Mata aka twin ‘Supermen’

  • Fans of Pinoy Big Brother reality show aired every night on ABS-CBN were ecstatic over Fil-Am housemate Tanner Mata
  • The 21-year-old housemate is admired for his good looks and great physique
  • Tanner has an equally handsome twin brother named Tyler, an international model

Fast becoming an early favorite among the regular Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemates because of his good looks and great physique, Tanner Mata has made the lady fans more excited every night because of his identical twin brother Tyler, who was asked to guest in the reality show.

Born to a Filipino father who hailed from Nueva Ecija and an American mother, Tanner revealed in one of the show’s episode that he looks up to his brother, who models for big apparel brands in Bangkok and Singapore, for the very reason that he is “everything he is not” — meaning, they might exactly be physically alike but they differ in personality.

As revealed by a relative, Tanner is the silent and shy type while Tyler is more outgoing and loves to be the center of attention, at times.

In one of the PBB episodes, Tanner told Big Brother that he always talks to his twin. This closeness, he said, developed while they were growing up together.

“Growing up, we were always together. We had the same friends. We always play sports together. We love to drive so we always race each other,” he was quoted saying in an article published by Chisms.

The article also mentioned that one of the traits the housemates admire about Tanner is his determination in doing things – like learning tagalog words so that he can communicate with his housemates better.

In the most recent episode of the reality show, Tanner was joined by his twin brother Tyler in performing a task given by Big Brother to the regular housemates.

The housemates successfully won the assigned task and were rewarded with a beach party inside the house. During the occasion, Tyler’s ability to host a party was shown.

To delight the lady fans out there, Tanner earlier revealed in one of his conversations with teen housemates Kisses Delavin and Maymay Entrata that he is still single and available at the moment.

The siblings, who were born and raise in Denver, Colorado, resemble the looks of fictional superhero ‘Superman’ who has a secret identity by the name of Clark Kent.