Patrick’s wife on having ‘losyang’ moments: I’m blessed to have a partner who reminds me of me

  • Nikka Martinez-Garcia admitted that she sometimes have ‘losyang’ [less attractive] moments
  • She, however, said she is blessed to have a husband like actor Patrick Garcia
  • Nikka said Patrick reminds her of herself when she is too busy focusing on being a good wife and mother

Nikka Martinez-Garcia, the wife of actor Patrick Garcia, admitted that she sometimes have “losyang” [less attractive] moments. Good thing, she has a husband who makes her feel loved and reminds her of herself when she is too focused on being a good wife.

“Aminin natin, mga mommies, sometimes we forget, naglolosyang ka na. Hapon na, hindi ka pa nakakaligo. I mean, it’s normal for moms na at home,” Nikka told Karen Caliwara of PEP.

[Let’s face it, we mommies sometimes forget about ourselves and become ‘losyang’. Like, it’s already afternoon and you still have not taken a bath.]

Nikka is hands-on when it comes to their children. In fact, she could hardly sleep sometimes.

“I don’t have yaya. So like what I said, I sterilize, I clean, I make paligo one after another. My help are just there to assist, so ako talaga,” she said.

Nikka, on the other hand, is grateful for having a partner who reminds her to take care of herself, too.

“My husband supports me by making me feel loved. Kahit maybe like asking me out? You know, having some time out… Because sometimes, you forget yourself,” she shared.

She added that Patrick always tells her what she needs to hear.

“‘Yung mga maliliit lang na ganun, ‘Love, you look nice’, o ‘Gusto mong magpa-blowdry?’ ganyan. I’m blessed to have a partner who reminds me of me,” she expressed.

[Those little things, like saying ‘Love you look nice’ or ‘Would you like to have your hair blowdried?]

No longer insecure

Meanwhile, Nikka earlier shared how she was able to develop a more cordial relationship with her husband’s ex, Jennylyn Mercado, after battling with her own insecurities.

“What do I do? What is the ‘right’ feeling for this? How should I be? How should I act? So many questions I just could not seem to answer or even come close to answering,” she wrote.

But thanks to the power of prayer and God’s grace, Nikka, who is a devout Born Again Christian, was able to surpass such phase in her life. She even described the day when she first met Jennylyn as part of God’s plan for her.

“It was casual. It was peaceful. It was nice. I knew in my heart that this was definitely God’s plan. God took away all my insecurity and replaced it with genuine admiration. He took away jealousy and replaced it with compassion,” she said.