Photographer dad turns his daughter to Wonder Woman and it’s just plain awesome

  • A father dresses up his daughter as Wonder Woman for Halloween
  • Not only that, he also transformed her into a real superhero in her photos
  • Little Nellee was so delighted over her costume that she wore it for weeks

Father and professional commercial photographer Josh Rossi has taken parenting to the next level.

Instead of dressing up his three-year-old daughter with a dainty princess costume for Halloween, he spent a whopping $1,300 to make a Wonder Woman outfit.

But the fun did not stop there.

Rossi also put on his photography skills to give his baby girl the best childhood photos ever. Since the Wonder Woman film featuring Gal Gadot has yet to hit the cinemas next year, he pegged the realistic photos of little Nellee on the trailer.

There were also some rehearsals involved for the little girl as her mom helped her work through her facial expressions by letting her watch the original Wonder Woman episodes way back from the 1970s.

“A lot of pre-production had to happen, and that costs money. But when I look at the end result and see Nellee’s joy, I think it was money well spent,” said Josh in a People story.

He shared that Nellee wouldn’t wear regular clothes for weeks out of her delight and excitement over being Wonder Woman.

But above all these, Josh wanted to teach his kid the valuable lesson of being a woman.

“I wanted to showcase my daughter as a powerful character, instead of with a photoshoot where it’s about her looks or how cute she is. I want her to grow up knowing that there is more to life than beauty.”

Now that’s a statement worth way more than a thousand dollars.

Here’s the behind the scenes into their grand daddy-daughter bonding: