[Photos] There’s a Christmas-themed LRT train that’s sending good vibes!

  • A train in the LRT-1 line is giving off ultimate Christmas good vibes
  • This train is embellished with Christmas decorations
  • Several passengers shared on Twitter the photos they took of the train interiors

Commuting has always been tough in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila. All workers are rushing to the same places with all modes of transportations filled – buses, jeeps, trains. Worse, there are train that will fail once – or even twice, thrice – in a while.

But the management of Light Rail Transit -1 (LRT-1) decided to brighten up the days of the commuters at least for this Christmas. The LRT-1 is the train that traverses from Muñoz in Quezon City to Taft Avenue in Manila.

Recently, several people online shared photos of the interiors of the LRT-1 all glammed up with Christmas spirit.

There are poles dressed up as cane and windows decorated with mistletoe. There are also lanterns stuck up on the ceiling of the train.

These designs are only on the inside, said the management, so as to surprise passengers who think they are just riding an ordinary train.

Some Twitter users were very much delighted with this effort.

“The best thing that ever happened to @officialLRT1 thank you for this! The jingle bells horn though,” wrote Thea Ocampo.

While Jane said: “Happy Holidays daw po mula sa @officialLRT1”

Here’s a look at the photos uploaded by these social media users:

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