Unlike in other countries, PH would often demolish historical landmarks — Historian

  • The Philippines would often demolish historical landmarks, unlike what other countries do, a historian said
  • Historian Manolo Quezon also mentioned the proposal to convert the Rizal Memorial Coliseum into  a mall
  • He also noted that the Manila Jai Alai Building which was once world-renowned““` and earned a spot among the architecture books is now decrepit

There are so many old buildings in the Philippines — however, many of which are being demolished.

In an article posted on ABS-CBN, it was disclosed that historian Manolo Quezon noted that unlike many countries, the Philippines would often demolish its historical landmarks.

“In other places, even in our neighboring countries, they really make a point to preserve what is old and just as much as they’re building the new,” Quezon noted.

“Things like the Jai Alai Building which was in architecture books even abroad, that’s a remarkable building, demolished. Or at the way Manila was rebuild. You have places like the legislation building here, and yet its surroundings have became totally unrecognizable,” he added.

He also  mentioned the proposal to convert the Rizal Memorial Coliseum — a place which saw war, a performance by The Beatles, a game by baseball great Babe Ruth — into a mall.

“Take this building, the Rizal Memorial Coliseum. There is a proposal that it will be turned into a mall,” Quezon stated.

“If you look at the landscape of memory in the area, the Rizal Memorial has been there since the 1930s…it’s been a fixture in three generations of students’ lives,” he further said.

Watch historians talk about the demolition of historical landmarks: