[Video] Male dog plays mom to abandoned baby tigers

  • A male dog has adopted two tiger cubs
  • This was after their mother abandoned the cubs in a zoo in Germany
  • Leon, the dog, also took care of a white lion cub back in 2012

Two tiger cubs have been abandoned by their mother but in an unusual event, they were taken cared of by a dog.

Yes, that’s right – a dog. It seems the rivalry between dogs and cats really does not last when sympathy is there for these baby animals left by their parents.

An article posted on Hindustan Times said that a six-year-old dog in Germany is helping out his master, zoo keeper Jeanette Wurms, raise two bengal tiger cubs.

The cubs, named Peach and Pearl, were left by their mother at Safaripark Stukenbrock. Since then, Leon the dog have been taking care of them.

“What’s exceptional about (Leon) is that he is a male with such motherly instincts which are very marked. He also acts as their entertainer and that’s certainly exceptional,” said Wurms.

But this dog-cub relationship wouldn’t last as long, as per the article, because tigers naturally develop a violent and wild instinct as they grow.

Wurms said this is not the first time Leon has helped her raise an animal of a different species. Four years ago, Leon also nursed an abandoned white lion.

This is also not the fist time a dog has adopted feline friends.

Last August 2014, a female dog from Hangzhou in China also breastfed three Siberian cubs after they were abandoned by their mothers.

Here’s a vid of the cute trio: