[Watch] Heartwarming grandpa posts drawings for his grandkids on Instagram

  • A Korean grandfather uses Instagram to posts his drawings for his grandchildren
  • He does this because he lives in a different continent from them
  • Some of his drawings include his grandchildren themselves and the daily things he see from where he lives

Because he is miles apart from his grandchildren, a grandfather maximized the use of technology to communicate with his favorite boys in the world.

Korean grandfather Chan Jae, 75, is living in Brazil with his wife. Their daughter is now living in Korea and has two kids. Their son, meanwhile, is in New York with a toddler boy.

In a cute video uploaded on Facebook, son Ji Lee narrated how they tried to talk his father into posting his drawings for his grandkids on Instagram.

Ji said it was not easy because his father, whom he describes as “grumpy”, is stubborn to learn technology. So he just asked his ‘techie’ mother to post his dad’s drawings for the children on her Instagram.

But when Ji and Chan had dinner one time, he was surprised to hear his father said that he wonders how he will not be able to see his grandson, Astro (Ji’s son) grow up. This saddened Ji and prompted him again to try convincing his father to make an Instagram account just for his grandkids.

Chan finally agreed but Ji said it was a struggle teaching him about the technology of social media. Soon enough, Chan learned how to use Instagram and now, he posts frequently his beautiful drawings that tells about their life in Brazil and some about his grandchildren.

His activity on social media has also kept the family connected because they always chat about the drawings their grandfather is making.

Here are some samples of his drawings on his Instagram account @drawings_for_my_grandchildren

Watch Ji Lee’s inspiring video posted via Facebook: