[Video] All Gone: OFW fresh from Dubai got robbed by a man she met online

  • An OFW loses all her belongings, jewelry and cash to a man she met online
  • OFW and man she met online slept together in a motel
  • Motel personnel didn’t stop the man carrying her things as they introduced themselves as husband and wife

A lady fresh from Dubai is so tearful after she lost ‘all’ her belongings including money and jewelryto a man she had just met online with whom she slept with in a motel, an article from Social Trends PH reported.

The story started with the OFW meeting a man online which led to what she thought was a mutual understanding between them.

They had, apparently, decided to meet after she arrived in the Philippines and even slept together in a motel.

The following day the OFW left the man and her things in the motel for some time, and upon her return she was surprised as the man and all her things were no longer to be found.

The motel’s guard said to her: “Dapat bago ka umalis kanina nagpaiwan ka sa amin ng note na ‘wag siyang palabasin, kawawa naman, ‘yung mga gamit mo,” [You should’ve left a note that we shouldn’t let him go.]

A voice can be heard on the clip saying: “Ubos lahat, naku, mayroon pa ngang box doon na mahaba eh,” [Everything had been taken including a long box.]

A motel personnel said they didn’t stop the man from leaving and taking her things as they introduced themselves as a couple when they checked in.

The OFW, fresh from Dubai, have most probably learned a lesson from what happened.

Watch the video below:


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  1. sorry pero hindi ako na aawa kay kabayan…sa halip na unahin munang umuwi sa pamilya eh inuna pa ang libog ayan ang napala mo..

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