Bill filed to protect Uber, Grab commuters from ‘undue’, ‘exorbitant’ price fixing

  • A bill seeking to protect Uber and Grab commuters was filed
  • The bill, filed by  Quezon City Representative Winston Castelo, intends to protect commuters from undue, exorbitant price fixing
  • Castelo filed the bill after receiving a number of complaints against Uber and Grab over price surges

Amid the high demand for app-based transport services such as Uber and Grab, a bill seeking to protect commuters from exorbitant price fixing by transport network service providers (TNS) was filed.

In an article written by Mark Merueñas of GMA News, it was disclosed that Quezon City Rep. Winston “Winnie” Castelo has filed the House Bill No. 4669 or the No Price Surge Act, which aims to regulate the TNS industry in the country. Once the bill is approved, commuters will “permanently” be protected from “undue and exorbitant price fixing by the TNS.”

Castelo, who is the chairperson of the House Committee on Metro Manila Development, said he filed the bill after getting complaints against Uber and Grab over price surges, which the TNS providers implement during rush hours.

“While we thought that these TNS providers serve as a better mode of public transportation for our people, they appear to be  just the same with or worse than erring taxi cabs that charge passengers more than what the meter says,” the lawmaker said.

Under the price surge system, passengers of Uber and Grab can be charged as high as thrice the price of the usual rate when traffic condition is bad and demand for their service is high.

Meanwhile, aside from banning price surges, Winston said, the measure also seeks a cap on the number of vehicles under the network.

“There should be a limit to the number of TNS vehicles to avoid road congestion, otherwise our efforts to ease traffic in Metro Manila would be rendered useless,” the lawmaker added.