COMMENTARY: Unusual Political Backgrounds Around the World

Trump’s Presidency may be claimed to be built out of business, but in truth it was his TV and Celebrity  background which got him into the white house. The Philippines is no stranger to unusual pathways into politics. Whether you’re a sports star or entertainer, politics is open to many different skills.

Manny Pacquiao

Pacquiao boxing ability is undeniable but it is not the only place where he thinks his skills live. In 2007 he ran for the Philippine House of Representatives. While it was a failed campaign it gave him the taste for a different type of competition. He returned in 2010 as a congressman for Sarangani; his wife’s hometown. He announced early this year he planned to run for the senate.

Ronald Reagan

Who would have thought that an actor could hold the most powerful position in the world? Reagan moved from the screens of America in TV and Film to the news. He was the 40th President of the United States but it was not an instant change from acting to leading. He made his first foray into politics accidentally after becoming president of the Screen Actors Guild. This lead him to Governor of California before ultimately becoming a successful Presidential campaign. He is deemed as somewhat a success for someone with no background in the political elite.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Despite being born in Austria, Arnie was made in California. His adopted home voted him as Governor in 2003 in one of the most bizarre campaigns ever. He ran against an adult actress and the owner of Huffington Post. He even announced he was running on Jay Leno Show and campaigned in his iconic Humvee. His tenure was marred by sexual allegations and also abusing power when he halved the sentence for a colleague’s son who was convicted of manslaughter.

Imran Khan

The famed Pakistani Cricketer captained his country for ten years and took the leadership experience into politics when he started his only party in 1996. Called the Pakistan  Movement for Justice  it is now the third largest block of ministers in Parliament. Pakistan’s cricket is particularly political in nature and being involved for almost 20 years gave Khan a unique perspective on how his country thinks and decided to take this into his party.

Whether it is the competition of sport or charisma of acting, politics is no longer for the elite. Politicians are being found in every part of the world with every possible experience. It is yet another showing of people discord with politics which has lead to some big shocks in 2016. Whether an actor can solve all our problems is yet to be known!