Duterte urges Congress to speed up shift to federalism

  • Pres. Rodrigo Duterte called on Congress to fast-track the government’s shift to a federal system
  • Duterte wants to revise the Constitution within his term as President
  • He promised that he is willing to step down early once the shift has been made

President Rodrigo Duterte has urged Congress to hurry up with his proposed shift to the federal system in the Philippines.

Duterte reiterated his promise to step down once the Constitution has been revised to pave way to the federal system.

The President has previously urged his party-mate House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez to complete the necessary process within his term of office.

Ako [For me], I am offering my term. Sabi ko nga, ma-craft lang iyan. Wala kayong problema sa akin. Sabi ko sa kanila… ‘dalian niyo iyan.’ Sabi ko, ‘Matapos kayo dalawa, tatlong taon [I told them, just craft it. You will not have any problems with me. I told them… ‘hurry up with it.’ I said, ‘If you finish in two, three years], I will step down as president.’ You can have my word,” he said, as previously quoted by GMA News.

Meanwhile, Duterte also reiterated that should a shift to a parliamentary system also be set in place, he noted that the President under the new set-up should still have a strong influence in public affairs.

“If you can craft three years from now ang federal set up but I will just suggest that it must have a strong president kundi delikado ang parliament [or else parliament will be in trouble],” he said.

Duterte, the first President from Mindanao, also added that his term is an opportune time to shift to the federal system, which he insists would be the solution to the problems of the southern island region.

“I think the only acceptable arrangement as of today, this moment of our generation and of the lives of the Moro people is federalism. Other than that, there will be conflict,” he said, as quoted by the Inquirer.


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