Duterte wants Malacañang Palace to be open for student field trips

  • Pres. Rodrigo Duterte wants to open Malacañang Palace to the public
  • He said priority will be given to small groups of students to tour the Palace
  • Duterte currently lives in the Bahay Pangarap

President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed his desire to open Malacañang Palace to the public; with priority to be given to elementary and high school students.

Duterte, who has opted to live in the Bahay Pangarap like his predecessor President Benigno Aquino III, said that small groups of students can arrange visits to the official residence and workplace of the President of the Philippines.

The President had previously joked that he did not want to live in the Malacañang Palace because he felt that it was “haunted.”

“It is not really intended for me… Inyo ‘yan, pasok kayo… ‘wag lang masyadong marami. Kokonti lang, specially students. Gusto ko ‘yang mga bata, grade school, they should be allowed first, high school, gusto ko sila muna. [It is yours so come in… not just too many. Just a few, especially students. I want the children, grade school, they should be allowed first, and high school, I want them to be first],” he said, as previously quoted by GMA News.

The President said that small groups can arrange for a tour of Malacañang through the Presidential Hotline 8888.

A longtime mayor of Davao City before assuming the Presidency, Duterte has been known to prefer a less formal style that shuns some luxuries accorded to the head of state.

In an earlier interview, the President had suggested to rename Malacañang as the “People’s Palace” and allowing visitors from the urban poor communities in Manila living nearby.

“One day, also invite everybody, the poor people, the powerless who have not seen it, those from Tondo and  Pandacan… for them to see the ‘People’s Palace,’” he said, as quoted previously by the Inquirer.