Feng Shui expert warns Duterte for 2017: “Be Careful”

  • Feng Shui expert Maritess Allen said Duterte will face some challenges next year
  • Allen’s forecast to Rooster-born people: Even good friends will turn against you
  • Allen gave advice to Duterte to be careful, particularly in the month of March

A Feng Shui expert said Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will face some challenges this 2017.

According to Maritess Allen as published on ABS-CBN News, people like Duterte whose animal sign is Rooster will experience a lot of backstabbing; that even their good friends will be a traitor to them.

Allen explained, Rooster is a metal element in nature like a sword, like a sharp object.

If she would be given the chance to give advice to the President she will tell him, “the month of March is a month to be careful for the Rooster, because March is the enemy month of the Rooster.”

Aside from Rooster, she also warned other signs that’ll be unfortunate for the incoming year: rabbit, dog, boar, horse, sheep, and monkey.

She said the sign of rabbit is the enemy of the rooster and will face many obstacles, dog and boar animal signs must be careful with their health, and for those with horse, sheep, and monkey signs they should work harder.

Allen shared tips to overcome the challenges: the southeast is the lucky direction of the house this 2017, the prosperity star; also the mid-part of the house is lucky.

The Feng Shui expert said the lucky animal signs are Year of the Tiger, Ox, Dragon, Snake, and Rat.

But Allen reminded, Feng Shui is just a guide and success requires a lot of hard work.