Is your animal sign lucky this 2017? A Feng Shui expert may have the answer

2017 is almost here! Ever wondered what the year of the Fire Rooster has in store for us? Perhaps a Feng Shui expert could give us a clue on what to expect in the coming year!

Johnson Chua, in a radio interview with DZMM’s Sakto, said three animal signs would be very fortunate this 2017.

“Rat, Ox at Dragon ang pinakamasuwerte ngayong 2017,” he said. [Rat, Ox and Dragon are the luckiest this 2017.]

But for those whose animal sign is not so favored in the Year of the Fire Rooster, Chua advised them to wear crystals as it helps block negative energy.

He added, using crystals is also the best way to prevent health problems as they are known to have healing factors.

Talking about ‘lucky colors’, the Feng Shui expert shared that while yellow, red, and blue are said to give a lot of positive energy, all other colors generally bring luck.

He assured fashion-conscious people who believe in feng shui that they can wear whatever they want next year.

“Puwede po nating sabihin na wala talagang malas na kulay kasi ang 2017, lahat ng five elements nagpakita. So wala talagang masamang kulay.” [We can say that there is no unlucky color for 2017 as  all the five elements have appeared.]

With regards to endeavors, the food industry and media companies, as mentioned by Chua, are the businesses that will do well in 2017.

In yet another ‘forecast’, Chinese Horoscope 2017 tells us that in the year of the Fire Rooster,  the natives of the Rat group are going to enjoy many happy events, including financial success, and the natives of the year of the Ox will enjoy unexpected success and unforeseen events.

Moreover, the coming year promises positive events and very good news, career progress and profitable businesses for those born in the year of the Dragon. Sounds great for dragon people, right? It is also mentioned that during this year, the Snake natives are going to stand out professionally and be promoted

Meanwhile, Chua clarified, Feng Shui is only a guide and it doesn’t decide what’ll happen in our life, “nasa kamay natin ang kapalaran natin.” [Our future is in our hands.]