Kris Bernal: My burgers won’t make you fat

  • Actress Kris Bernal said her burgers will not make a person fat
  • The actress said her burgers are not heavy and the ingredients she uses cannot make a person fat
  • Bernal owns Meat Kris, a restaurant that opened its doors at CommunEATy Roces in Barangay Obrero, Quezon City

Actress Kris Bernal said the burgers in her menu at Meat Kris will not make a person fat.

In an article written by Anj Sampayan of PEP, it was disclosed that during the planning stage of her restaurant Meat Kris, Bernal had a patty-making session with Chef Perry Choi and made sure she won’t get fat eating her burgers.

“It’s not too heavy din naman especially if it’s just cheese burger kasi ‘yung flavors naman, ‘yung ingredients ng patty namin, walang nakakataba. Dinesign ko talaga siya na gano’n, ayaw ko kasi ng maalat na patty,” she stated.

[It’s not too heavy especially if it’s just cheese burger because the flavors, the ingredients of the patty cannot make anyone fat. I designed it like that, I don’t like salty patty.]

She added that their goal is also to make the burgers delicious enough that the customer will even look for ketchup.

Diet restrictions

Meanwhile, Bernal shared that recently she set some restrictions on her diet but she often get tempted by her burgers.

“Kahit ako ‘yung gumawa, gustung-gusto ko siya,” she said.

[Even if I am the one preparing burgers, I still crave for them.]

Watch actress Kris Bernal prepare her Cheese Bernal: