More than 50,000 residents evacuated on Christmas Day in Germany after discovery of WW2 bomb

A World War II-era bomb discovered last week has forced massive evacuation of some 54,000 residents of a German City on Christmas Day, December 25.

Residents of Augsburg City were evacuated on Sunday morning, around 10 am to give way to explosive experts to diffuse a vintage bomb weighing 1.8 tons which is believed to have been dropped by British troops during World War II.

Police said Christmas Day would be the perfect opportunity to diffuse the bomb since there are less traffic and some residents are more likely to stay with a relative.

Nevertheless, still 32,000 households were evacuated by the local government.

Just before 7:00 pm, the police have announced that they had “good news at Christmas” for Augsburg residents; finally clearing the way for people to return to their homes.

Earlier, authorities did not say how long it would take for the explosive experts to complete the job that includes disabling of three detonators.

The bomb was discovered during a construction work in the city’s busy district.

Police had to announce the evacuation warning using loudspeakers. Some had to ring the doorbells to warn residents of the 10 am deadline.

Augsburg is one of the German cities that suffered heavy bombardment from British forces during World War 2 and finding vintage bomb buried in its districts has become a fairly regular occurrence.

Video from Ruptly TV: