Pinay maid jailed for stealing AED 25K from employer, says money is for sick father back home

  • An OFW in Dubai was found guilty of stealing AED25,000 from her Jordanian employer
  • She was sentenced to six months imprisonment
  • But the Filipina housemaid argued she only stole AED15,000
  • She allegedly needed the money for her sick father back home

MANILA, Philippines – A 28-year-old Filipina maid in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is facing six-month imprisonment after a Dubai court found her guilty of stealing AED25,000 (P338,000) from her employer.

However, the OFW insisted she only stole AED 15,000 (P203,000) and not AED 25,000 as her sponsor claimed.

According to Gulf News, the Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the unnamed Filipina housemaid to six months in jail for allegedly stealing the money from the purse of her Jordanian employer on several occasions.

The female employer told the court she first discovered the theft in June this year, but claimed she had been missing some money since April, during which she said she lost AED2,500 from her purse.

“I waited for my husband’s return from travel … when we confronted the maid, she said she had stolen Dh18,000 during two months. However, when we checked her phone, we realized that she had wired to her country Dh26,000,” Gulf News quoted the employer as telling the court.

They then reported the matter to the police but the OFW reportedly left the house and absconded. She further claimed that the housemaid hurt her children by pricking them with a pin and beating them.

While admitting that she indeed stole money from her employer, the Filipina contended she took only AED15,000. She claimed she needed the amount for the treatment of her sick father in the Philippines.

“I came to the country in January because I needed money for my ill father and I had no sources of making this much money. It was then I decided to start stealing,” the Filipina reportedly confessed.

“I used to take the cash from the table or from my sponsor’s purse. I took the money on several occasions between April and June,” she said.

The housemaid will be deported back to the Philippines after serving her jail sentence.