Receptionist accidentally orders ‘live reindeers’ instead of Christmas decors for office; shocked co-workers

  • A woman from England accidentally ordered live reindeers instead of Christmas decorations
  • The woman was surprised after the ‘two real and live reindeers’ arrived
  • The woman, co-workers temporarily put the reindeers on their bike shed

The Christmas month has begun and hanging of Christmas decks could be seen on houses; a woman from England however accidentally ordered live reindeers, instead of decors to hang on the wall of her office. But somehow, managed to make an amazing Christmas experience out of it. How did she do it? Read the story.

A receptionist who wanted to bring the Christmas spirit to her office came up with the idea of sprucing up the place with some reindeer decorations but accidentally bought ‘live reindeers’, her housemate Felicity Cross shared via Twitter on Thursday.

The receptionist, having no idea of what will really be delivered, was expecting her reindeer decks but was surprised when ‘two real and alive reindeers’ arrived.

The woman and her shocked co-workers put the reindeers temporarily, according to Cross as per a Mirror (UK) story, on their bike shed.

Later on Cross made an update of what they did to the reindeers, “the reindeer people picked Dancer and Prancer up last night. Not left parked up in bike shed overnight.”

The hilarious error of the receptionist have given the office a Christmas experience that they would never forget in their entire life.