[Tearjerker Video] Man treats dog his best last day ever

  • Jett the dog was diagnosed with heart disease
  • He only had three months to live
  • His owner gave him the best last day before putting him down

He would have loved his dog Jett to be with him as much as he could, but 19-year-old Parker Ray can’t bear to see his dog suffer long enough.

Jett has been diagnosed with heart disease and when he got a seizure attack, Parker knew they had to put him down. Doctors only gave him three months to live.

And so to properly say goodbye to his best friend since childhood, Parker vowed to give Jett the best day of his life.

“His favorite thing to do was to sleep, and what got him most excited was food, exploring, and meeting new people,” Parker said in a feature by Metro.

So what Parker did was to drive Jett in the park for them to have a little picnic. But instead of dog food, Parker drove through a fast food restaurant and bought some cheeseburger and fries.

Parker said Jett so badly wanted human food but of course, he wasn’t allowed. So this special treat is so perfect for Jett’s last day.

And not only did he give him a cheeseburger, he also had him drink some good old milkshake. Jett looked so delighted with his treat and very fun picnic at the park.

Afterwards, they drove home and Jett turned a little sleepy. And they both knew it was time to say goodbye.

The whole day was documented in a video and was uploaded online. This got so many users online reacting that they were in tears after watching it.

So here’s the video and get your tissues handy because you won’t help but shed a tear as well:

Source :

Metro, Facebook