Tourists accused of stealing bike paraded in Indonesian island’s ‘walk of shame’

Two tourists were subjected to public humiliation after they were paraded in an Indonesian island’s ‘walk of shame’ for allegedly stealing a bicycle.

The tourists – a male and a female – were identified in a Facebook post as Australians, although their names were not given.

“This two Australians got caught on CCTV stealing a bike on Gili Trawangan. “The walk of shame” and afterwards a one way boat ride to Lombok is the punishment for stealing on #TheGilis,” the post read.

In the photo, the couple can be seen walking in public with a piece of paper hanging from their necks saying: “I am thieve don’t do what I did…!!! [sic].

They were allegedly caught stealing the bike 10 days ago before they were paraded around Gili Trawangan by police officers.

Speaking to AFP, village chief Muhamad Taufik said they interrogated the couple and made an agreement with them before forcing them out of the island.

“The walk of shame parade is a regulation in our village. I don’t know whether the police are charging them now, what matters to me is that they’re now gone,” said Taufik.

Gili Trawangan is the largest and the most popular Gili islands – the two others being Gili Air and Gili Meno – in the Lombok area about 45 kilometers east of Bali, another famous tourist destination in the country.

It is believed that this is not the first case of ‘walk of shame’ in the island as there was an earlier photo that showed another male tourists paraded in public with a similar sign that read: “I’m a thief I stole don’t do what I did.”