Used dolls transformed to look more ‘natural’, promote accepting imperfections

  • Mim’s Dandy Dolls creates dolls that look “natural” than regular make-up-wearing dollies
  • This is the project of online entrepreneur Mim Hammonds
  • She transforms these dolls so girls can be inspired to accept their own uniqueness and imperfections

An online entrepreneur has found a great idea to teach young girls the value of accepting their imperfections.

Mim’s Dandy Dolls, an online shop based on Facebook and Etsy, is selling old dolls that were refurbished to look more natural and more depicting of young girls.

“Giving pre-loved dolls a new lease on life. Follow their remarkable transformations into sweet girls with unique personalities,” wrote Mim Hammonds; the person behind the enterprise, in the About section of her page.

Basically, Mim erases the painted faces of used dolls to transform them into regular girls anyone can relate to. So instead of having a doll that is covered with make up, little girls will get to play with simple girls – all with their individual imperfections but unique and have “good personalities”.

Mim tries to inject some background information about the dolls that she sells.

“Meet Nancy! The sweetest, most loyal friend in the world. She is kind, and funny, and sensitive to others’ feelings and needs. She loves her pyjamas and would wear them every day if she could. Nancy has an amazing throwing arm and takes great pride in being able to peg a ball further than any boy she knows. She really does throw like a girl!”she wrote about a Bratz doll she transformed into a pajama-wearing sweetheart in pigtails.

Another one of her creations is Milly who was up-cycled from a boots-wearing and party-going doll into a girl in flare jeans and comfortable running shoes.

“Milly is a clever and vivacious young girl. She is a very quick thinker and loves to play with words – always making her friends and family laugh with her witty comments and puns. Funny, perceptive one-liners roll off her tongue spontaneously,” she wrote of Milly.

In a Facebook post, Mim talked about why she is transforming these dolls to look more “natural”.

“I want every child and every adult who sees my dolls and reads their little stories to be inspired and encouraged! I want us all to value and celebrate our strengths, our capabilities, our passions, and our perfectly unique imperfections rather than focusing on appearance and what the world tells us is beauty,” she said.

Here’s some of her creations: