[Viral] Photos and a 2014 Video of Pres. Duterte with patients of SPMC draws tearful reactions from netizens

President Rodrigo Duterte simply can’t find it in his heart to break an annual tradition which he started back when he was still the mayor of Davao City.

Yes,  he spent valuable time again  this Christmas season with the cancer-stricken kids confined at the Southern Philippines Medical Center’s Children’s Cancer and Blood Diseases Unit (SPMC’s-CCBDU) and The House of Hope in Davao City.

The tough-looking president has a soft spot for the sick kids and his annual Yuletide visit is not to be skipped!

Aside from his presence, he gave the kids some gifts for them to feel the spirit of giving and also chatted with parents. As expected, the kids were only too happy to reward him with hugs and kisses.

MindaVote, a social page on Facebook, shared an album showing photos of the president’s latest visit and it was a post which earned many shares and much tearful reactions from netizens.

The photo below was described as “so genuine and sincere” by commenters.

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Facebook, Buzz DF