Young Chinese businessman spends $145K on plastic surgery to look like Jack Ma

  • A young Chinese businessman has spent 1-M Chinese Yuan for plastic surgery to look like Jack Ma
  • He said he is a big fan of the wealthy billionaire and is looking forward to meet him in person
  • Netizens, however, call him ‘crazy’ for just wasting money

A young entrepreneur from China has spent a small fortune on plastic surgery for his ultimate dream of looking like Jack Ma; the wealthy Chinese business magnate known for starting the highly successful internet-based Alibaba Group of Companies.

Jack Ma has probably one of the most recognizable faces on earth; although it is highly doubtful that many would spend money to inherit his looks.

But Huang Jian, a young entrepreneur form Shenzen, said he idolizes the popular billionaire so much and is determined to undergo surgeries just to look exactly like the man. In fact, he revealed, he has already spent 1 million Chinese Yuan (US $140,000) on his extreme make-over effort

Most of the procedures were done in South Korea and although he’s still not exactly Jack Ma’s spitting image, the similarities has become noticeable.

Huang is a salesman who went to Hupan College in Hangzhou, a school founded by Jack Ma where students can learn how to start their own business. He also wants to meet Jack Ma in person and is excited to see how the man would react upon seeing him.

While netizens praise him for his determination, most, however, have advised him to look elsewhere for someone to idolize, especially if it meant for him copying his idol’s looks.

“Someone please tell him he has just wasted a million RMB,” Next Shark has quoted one commenter as saying.

“Does he look like Jack Ma? I don’t think so!  What a waste of money. He should have donated his money to some charitable organizations. At least he will receive a big Thank-you,” said another.

Others also called Huang ‘crazy’; saying it was not a smart move to copy his idol just to impress him.