50 thousand prisoners to benefit from Revised Penal Code amendments proposed by Senator Drilon

  • Senator Drilon proposed amendments to the Revised Penal Code
  • The proposed measure seeks to remove cruel punishments from the Revised Penal Code
  • 50 thousand prisoners may be benefited if the proposed measure is approved by Congress

A Senate Bill filed by Senator Franklin Drilon, which aims to remove “cruel and inhuman” punishments in the Revised Penal Code, is expected to benefit 50 thousand prisoners if approved by Congress.

As mentioned in a Philippine News Agency article published by Inquirer, Senator Drilon said the Revised Penal Code, which was enacted 80 years ago, provides 12 years and one day to 20 years imprisonment to individuals who stole property worth only P251 in a public building or a church.

The senator called the provision cruel, inhuman and degrading. His proposed measure, called Senate bill No. 14, seeks to accomplish two things: Update the value of damages used to determine the extent of liability and then adjust the amount of fines to be imposed.

“Retroactive ‘yan. As stated by the Public Attorney’s Office, it will benefit about 50,000 prisoners today, who may have been unjustly convicted, or serving sentence for a long period of time,” Drilon said during the first public hearing on his proposal.

“We’re not saying that they will be released. We’re saying either their sentences will be reduced or maybe they have already served the whole period, so they may be benefited,” he added.