A tragic story: Bicolano biker reaches home, but ailing brother died while he was only a few hours away

  • The Bicolano biker who pedaled his way from Manila to Sorsogon to see his ailing brother finally reached home
  • Sadly, however, his brother died while he was only a few hours away
  • His remarkable feat, borne out of love for his brother, has left netizens in awe and admiration
Image from Enrique Ballon Gonzales’ Facebook posts

MANILA, Philippines – The viral Bicolano biker who gained social media attention has finally reached his hometown Magallanes in Sorsogon on Friday, January 20 after pedaling his way from Pasig, Metro Manila for two days.

Sadly, however, Jessie Halig’s ailing brother died while he was only three hours and a few kilometers away.

Jessie Halig, who’s in his early 20’s, embarked on his more than 500-kilometer journey to reach his home in Barangay Ginangra in Magallanes to see his ailing brother, Ranilo or “Kuya Rham” ‘before it’s too late’.

In an early interview, Jessie mentioned he decided to bike his way from Manila to Bicol to save money which can be used for his brother’s medication.

His journey has since become viral on social media and gained praises and admiration form netizens. Along the way, Jessie received support from biker groups and kind-hearted people who were touched by his effort.

In their own small ways, people offered him prayers and even cash donations.

On Friday, Jessie finally reached their home where “Kuya Rham” has been staying for weeks now after being afflicted with a crippling illness that left him in an almost vegetable state. [Continue to next page]