After getting back luggage he lost in a cab, Australian cancels flight to return to Baguio and attend ceremony honoring the ‘honest’ taxi driver

  • An Australian completely forgot about his luggage in a taxi in Baguio City
  • Hours later, the honest cab driver returned to bring the lost luggage containing valuables
  • The Baguio City Hall invited the cab driver to the flag ceremony to honor his admirable deed
  • The Australian also decided to forego his flight to return to the city and attend the ceremony

Another day, another good deed from a cab driver in Baguio City, and another grateful soul.

There have been a lot of stories making the rounds on social media lately about taxi drivers in Metro Manila and even from different parts of the country; some worth condemning, others worth praising.

Well, there’s one which belongs to the second group and it happened in Baguio City just recently. It was shared on Facebook by a netizen named Ace Estrada last Saturday, January 21.

According to Estrada, the story involved an Australian friend named Trent who completely forgot about his baggage in a taxi after getting off at Calle Uno Coworking Space.

“It took a full thirty minutes before he realized his mistake, and all he could remember about the taxi was that “it was white,” the netizen narrated.

Inside the luggage were Trent’s valuables, including his passport, Mac Book Pro laptop and some cash.

“Never did I pray so hard that the news accounts of Baguio City’s taxi driver’s collective honesty was true. But it was! Just as we were leaving for the police station to file a report, Trent’s taxi pulled in,” he wrote.

“Never was a sight more welcome than the smiling face of this driver. What an awesome win for humanity!” the sharer added. (Please turn to next page to continue reading the story)

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  1. good job Mr. Reggie Cabututan.. sana maraming mga tao na katulad sayo na mababait. Nang dahil honest ka may napaka gandang reward kana.

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