Bacoor PNP slammed for alleged “tokhang for ransom” case

Bacoor Police is now being slammed for an alleged “tokhang for ransom” activity.

Dec. 30, 2016, Mrs. Evelyn B. Ramirez, an innocent citizen from Talaba, Bacoor was arrested because she was allegedly using illegal drugs. She was then only watching television when ununiformed Police personnel suddenly came into her house and arrested her — despite not having any warrant of arrest or Search Warrant against her. Even the police vehicles that were used by the ‘police’ had no plate numbers.

Ramirez was brought to somewhere else in the city’s alleged safehouse. There she was being forced to  admit the said case. Then after hours of forcing her to admit she was a user, the police officers then asked her for money. Evelyn said she has no money to give.

After a few hours, the police then brought Ramirez to Talaba Police station to detain her without any valid and strong evidence against her.

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