Budapest school bus crash: ‘Hero’ couple rescued many students but failed to save their own kids

  • A school bus in Hungary veered off the road and crashed into a post
  • At least 16 people have died in the accident
  • A couple is being hailed as heroes for saving many of the school children trapped in the bus
  • Sadly, however, they failed to save their own children

It was a tragic day for a Hungarian couple who managed to rescue several children in a school bus crash recently, but failed to save their own children from the burning vehicle.

György Vigh, a gym teacher, was traveling to Budapest from a ski trip in France with his wife Erika and their two kids – Laura, 18 and Balazs, 30.

Onboard the ill-fated bus were 54 passengers composed of high school students and teachers from Szinyei Merse Pál High School plus two drivers.

On Friday evening, around 11:00 pm, the bus veered off the A4 motorway near Verona for still unknown reasons and slammed into a post before catching fire almost immediately.

The Vigh couple were among those who tried to pull as many students as they can from the burning vehicle. Mr. Vigh risked his life to return to the middle of the fire and rescue the children from the blaze.

Sadly, however, they failed to save their kids, Laura and Balazs, who were both trapped in their seats.

“In the impact, Laura slipped and got stuck under a seat. I tried to drag her out, but I didn’t make it,” recalled the mother who is currently recuperating in a hospital.

“A fireball threw me back by 5 meters. One moment later, it was already too late, I couldn’t see anything anymore, just the fire,” she said.

At least 16 students aged 16 to 19 years old have died in the crash including the Vigh kids. Other victims have yet to be identified by the authorities. (CONTINUE READING ON NEXT PAGE)