Budapest school bus crash: ‘Hero’ couple rescued many students but failed to save their own kids

More than 40 others also suffered burns and injuries, including the Vigh couple, who are now being treated at a local hospital.

Meanwhile, another survivor also recalled seeing one student holding a hammer and running up and down, breaking windows to help the trapped students break free.

Image from Euro News

“When he broke the one next to me I threw myself out. I don’t know if I would have been able to get out if he hadn’t been so brave. I never saw him again,” recalled the survivor in an interview with a local newspaper.

Unfortunately, the police found the boy’s dead body near one of the broken windows, and he was still holding the hammer.

Hungary has since declared Monday, January 23, a day of national mourning in memory of those who perished in the recent tragedy.

Authorities, in the meantime, are still investigating why the school bus went off the road before the accident.