Coco Martin shares how the Black Nazarene changed his life

  • Actor Coco Martin shared how the Black Nazarene changed his life
  • Martin, who continues to participate in the Traslacion, said he just prayed for any kind of job but he received so much more
  • The actor was able to touch the blessed image when he was shooting for the indie film Tirador

As millions of devotees flock to Manila for the Traslacion 2017, famous Filipino actor Coco Martin reminisces how the Black Nazarene changed his life.

In an article written by Gorgy Rula of Abante, it was disclosed that Martin recalled how everything started after he was able to touch the blessed image while he was shooting for the independent film Tirador.

“Alam ko, nagsimula ang lahat na ito dahil do’n…. Nag-shooting ako do’n ng Tirador, ang eksena namin, kailangan kong mahawakan ang Mahal na Nazareno. Iyun, sa dami ng tao na nagtutulakan, ganu’n, sabi ko kay Direk Dante (Mendoza), sabi ko, ‘Direk, hindi ba ‘to nakakatakot? ‘Di ba, may mga namamatay dito?’ Kaso nga, wala akong magagawa,” he shared.

[I believe everything started because of that…. We were shooting Tirador. For my scene, I needed to touch the blessed image of the Black Nazarene. A lot of people were pushing. I said to Direk Dante, “Isn’t it scary? There have been deaths here, right? But then, I can’t do anything else.]

Tirador or “slingshot” is an independent film by Brillante Mendoza which illustrates politics and faith in the Philippines, as well as the plight of the Filipinos who live in poverty.

Martin shared that he was literally thrown to a sea of people during that time. Luckily,  he was able to touch the image.

The actor believes that being able to touch the Black Nazarene changed his life forever.

“Mula no’ng nahawakan ko ‘yung Nazareno, mula nu’ng araw na iyun hanggang ngayon, hindi na ako huminto sa pagtatrabaho,” he shared.

[Since touching the Black Nazarene, until now, I haven’t stopped working.]

He added that he just asked the Black Nazarene for any kind of job, but he received so much more.

This year, even before the feast, Martin has already visited Quiapo Church to thank the Black Nazarene for all the blessings that he received in 2016.

Despite being a well-known actor,  he still participates in the Traslacion. Each time he joins the procession, he removes his clothes and covers his face as if he’s a ninja. Watch this previous interview with him: