Cuteness overload: Kramer sisters’ Pie Face showdown goes viral

  • The video clips showing the Kramer sisters playing the Pie Face Showdown went viral
  • The first video has been viewed over 138k times, while the second one got more than 83k views
  • The clips were shared by their father, PBA player Doug Kramer, on Instagram

Two video clips of the Kramer sisters, Kendra and Scarlett, playing the Pie Face showdown game have gone viral after their father, professional basketball player Doug Kramer, shared it on Instagram.

 According to Hasbro, the toy’s manufacturer, this is how the game is played:

“First, players load the throwing arm of the toy with whipped cream (or anything that could not harm a player’s face like the sponge that is included in the toy set). Then, the players place their chins on the chin rests. At the count of 3, the players rapidly mash the red button nearest to them to make the arm move towards their opponent. When the throwing arm gets too close to a player, it will spring up and that player will get creamed. The player who does not get “pie-faced” wins.”

The first video has been viewed more than 144,000 times, while the other one got more than 87,000 views.

View the video clips here.

Video 1! Sisterly competition! Pie face! ? Scarlett wins the round! ?

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Video 2! Pie face! Nakabawi si Ken, pang asar pa the laugh ?? #BawalPikon

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