Dog saves master by sitting on him in freezing condition for nearly 24 hours to keep him warm

  • A dog saved his owner by sitting on him in freezing condition to keep him warm
  • The man broke his neck when he slipped and fell in snow outside his house
  • The golden retriever licked his owner’s face and hand to keep him awake

A dog saved his master — who was lying paralyzed in the snow after he slipped and fell — by sitting on top of him to keep him warm in the freezing condition.

Kelsey, a 5-year-old golden retriever, saved his 64-year-old owner named Bob by keeping him warm for nearly 24 hours. The heroic dog licked Bob’s face and hands to keep him awake and kept on barking as if shouting for help.

According to the Daily Mail, Bob was celebrating New Year’s Eve when he decided to walk outside to get some firewood for the fireplace. The short fifteen-foot walk turned traumatic when Bob, who was only in his pajamas and slippers, broke his neck after he slipped and fell.

“I was screaming for help, but my nearest neighbor is about a quarter-mile away and it was 10:30 p.m., but my Kelsey came. By morning my voice was gone and I couldn’t yell for help, but Kelsey didn’t stop barking,” Bob narrated.

“She kept barking for help, but never left my side. She kept me warm and alert. I knew I had to persevere through this and that was my choice to stay alive,” he added.

However, after 19 hours outside, Bob lost consciousness. Kelsey kept on barking until a neighbor heard the dog’s howls. The neighbor found Bob at around 6:30 p.m. on New Year’s Day.

A doctor from McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital said Bob survived mainly because of Kelsey and his neighbor.

“He was picked up by his neighbor and his dog, that’s one of the main reasons why he survived,” Dr. Chaim Colen said.

Bob was able to move his extremities after the doctor operated on him.