Ex-governor allowed state-run hospitals to substitute chemotherapy drugs with water to treat cancer patients

  • A former Mexican governor turned a blind eye to tests that revealed state-run hospitals administered water to cancer patients instead of chemotherapy
  • Ex-governor Javier Duarte, who is now a fugitive, turned a blind eye to the result of the tests
  • Duarte has gone missing amid accusations that he misappropriated public funds

The former governor of southeastern Mexican state of Veracruz turned a blind eye to several tests that exposed the medical fraud that took place during his incumbency.

Ex-Governor Javier Duarte, who fled Veracruz and became a fugitive amid accusations that he misappropriated public funds, was accused by the present Governor Miguel Yunes of allowing state-run hospitals to administer “fake medicines” to cancer patients due to budget shortfall.

“We have tests on a medication given to children, a pediatric chemotherapy that wasn’t really a medication, it was an inert substance, practically distilled water,” Gov. Yunes said.

Yunes cited the tests conducted by Roche Laboratories in 2010, the result of which was given to Governor Duarte, but he turned a blind eye and did not do anything about it.

As mentioned in a News.com.au article, Duarte “continued with the purchase of the cloned or apocryphal drug to three companies owned by relatives of the federal deputy for the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Jorge Carvallo Delfin.”

Duarte was a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party before he was suspended by Mexican President Enrique Nieto.

Gov. Yunes said Duarte’s action was deemed an attack to the lives of children and cancer patients. He described it as “brutal sin.”

“This really seems to us a brutal crime, an attempt against the lives of the children. We’re finishing our analysis and, at the appropriate time, we’ll be filing legal complaints,” he said.