First female limousine driver of Uber Dubai is a Filipina

  • Uber Dubai hired its first female limo driver and she’s a Filipina
  • An OFW in Dubai for 7 years, Fritzie Castro previously worked as a family driver
  • Castro hopes to encourage other women to join Uber

Uber Dubai got its first female limousine driver –and she’s a Filipina.

43-year-old Fritzie Castro got the distinction of being the first female to drive the company’s limousine. She started ferrying passengers on Tuesday, January 17.

A licensed driver for Road and Transport Authority, Castro is an experienced driver. She previously worked as a personal family driver. She also had a driving stint with the Emirates Transport fleet before moving on to Duin Luxury Cars, where she worked for seven months as the company’s transport coordinator for major hotel chains, according to Khaleej Times.

It was during her stay with Duin Luxury Cars that she heard about Uber from hotel guests who were requesting the app’s service.

Castro, a mother of three, said she hopes to encourage other women to join Uber.

 Chris Free, GM of Uber UAE said: “We believe this will be just the beginning – and anticipate adding more female drivers to the limo fleet this year.”