Friendship Goal! 10-year-old boy grows his hair for two years to give to his female friend

  • 10-year-old Tyler Boone grew his hair for 2 years to donate to a family friend
  • Tyler’s friend Gabby Ruiz suffered from a hair loss disorder since four
  • Gabby is very thankful to his friend’s gift

The results of the two years effort of 10-year-old Tyler Boone to grow his hair so he could to donate it to a family friend with hair loss disorder is done.

The Daily Mail reported that the boy and his family headed to the JCPenney’s store at the Westfield Brandon Mall in Florida for a photoshoot and then the female friend cut Tyler’s 12-inch golden blocks hair; the hair will be donated to the non-profit Children with Hair Loss to make a wig for Gabby Ruiz.

Gabby, according to an ABC Action News story, has been suffering from a hair loss disorder called alopecia areate since four; she tried various treatments but still unable to grow her hair.

That is why Tyler decided to make his friend happy by growing his hair and donating it to her later on. Tyler and Gabby started their friendship as children and remained friends even if they are living hundred miles apart.

Tyler said he was sometimes mistaken for a girl because of his long hair but his desire to provide hair for  his friend made him determined; “I’m used to it now,” he said.

Tyler, after his long hair was cut, went to a salon and decided to have a streamlined buzz-cut that totally changed his look.

His friend Gabby liked Tyler’s appearance, “It’s cool”; while the boy said he feels different.

On Gabby’s part, she’s thankful to her pal’s gift, “He’s a great person. He’s amazing.”