Iza Calzado surprised from the criticisms she received for channeling Imelda Marcos at a party

  • Iza Calzado was criticized for her post about Imelda Marcos
  • The actress went to a party dressed as the former first lady
  • She said she decided to channel Mrs. Marcos because, like Madame Marcos, she loves shoes and wearing terno

Actress Iza Calzado attended the birthday party of Tim Yap; the theme of which was national costumes. She said she decided to channel Mrs. Imelda Marcos because, just like Madame Imelda, she loves shoes and wearing terno.

She shared on a social media site a photo of her wearing the blue terno that won her the Best in Filipiniana in Yap’s party. She went home with a new Rimowa luggage as her prize. Unfortunately, her post was criticized by some netizens; calling her insensitive.

Calzado said she was surprised with the harsh comments about her Imelda post. She posted her reaction to the criticisms via a series of tweets.

“Just opened my Twitter to find that there are so many harsh comments about my Imelda posts. Did you guys even read my caption?” she wrote.

“I never stated that I idolize Imelda. I clearly stated that I channeled a part of her, which I resonate with, love for shoes and terno. And yes, I said I would love to play Imelda in a film because it is very interesting to me, as an actor, to try and wrap my head around the character, the person which is Imelda. Just because I want to play her means I put her on a pedestal,” she explained.

“Opinionated and sensitive about everything… even a party costume! Is this the kind of society we want? A greatly divided nation? Yes, we must never forget our history but we should also live in the present and look towards a bright future. A unified future,” she lamented.

Iza apologized to those who were offended, but added it was not her intention to hurt nor offend anyone with her Imelda post.