LOL Video: It’s “Bangs time” for the EB Dabarkads

  • Manalo, Bayola, Mendoza wore bangs on Eat Bulaga!
  • Dabarkads made their own tagline for the hairstyle

Inspired by Allan K’s new hairstyle, the EB Dabarkads Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, and Maine Mendoza wore bangs in the Juan for All: All for Juan segment of Eat Bulaga!.

The segment started with the three hosts’ rendition of the song She Bangs to which Allan K  reacted: “Kaya pala She Bangs ‘yung music”.

“In fairness Jose, bagay sa iyo,” Allan K tells Manalo.

The dabarkads also made their own tagline for the hairstyle; Manalo dubbed it as the “Hairstyle of the Year”, Joey de Leon responded with a pun of the segment’s title “Juan for Bangs: All for Bangs”, then Manalo pressed forward his “Enteng and the Abangs” (Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers), and Bayola gave his “Bangs for All Seasons”.

Later on, Jose challenged Vic Sotto to don the hairstyle, too; saying:”Bossing, mag-bangs ka rin.”

While complaining that his hair is still too short, Bossing can be seen already arranging his hair to come up with his own bangs, and the viewers were not disappointed to see Bossing in the hairstyle again after his Daddy Dodong role in the Kalyeserye.

Manalo, laughing, said “Pag ikaw ang naglalagay pa-Beatles ang dating.” Hence, he introduced Sotto as “John Lamon”.

Meanwhile, Maine Mendoza said Bossing in bangs is cute.

While for Vic Sotto: “In fairness, parang ‘di karespe-respeto.”

Let us watch the video: